The Kids We Were (Nintendo Switch / Steam) Gameplay Video & Live Streaming Guidelines

GAGEX Co., Ltd. is delighted to have customers interested in sharing the fun its games offer with others via streaming platforms. We are happy to grant permission to content creators to stream videos of and share our games, provided they adhere to the following guidelines.

We would also greatly appreciate it if content creators included promotional messages for our games, and/or links directing viewers to where they can acquire or purchase our games.

Before sharing our game content, you must agree to adhere to the guidelines outlined here.

1. Usage Guidelines
・You must include the following URL in the description of any streamed video content:

Nintendo eShop



Official Website:

・Using footage of our games on streaming websites, channels, etc. is permitted
・Monetization of videos and streaming channels that use our game content is permitted
・We specify no limits to the length or scope of videos containing our game content
・Where possible, please include a link to the official store or download location in streaming videos, and in streamed content descriptions

2. Restrictions
Streaming of any GAGEX content that violates the following prohibitions is not permitted. In the event that streaming content violates any of these restrictions, we reserve the right to take measures to remove or delete that content.

Prohibited Uses:
・Content that is a mere copy of the game and includes no additional creative input or commentary
・Content that violates domestic laws and regulations
・Content that violates public morals or standards of decency
・Content that infringes third-party intellectual property rights
・Content that illegally acquires, alters, or falsifies programs, data, or other information
・Content that promotes third-party products or services, unless explicit permission is given by GAGEX
・Content that violates the rules and regulations of the streaming platform being used
・Any other content that we deem inappropriate

*GAGEX reserves the right to modify these guidelines at our sole discretion and without prior notice.

GAGEX Co., Ltd.