The Kids We Were

The Kids We Were [Complete Edition] has come to Nintendo Switch!

The Kids We Were is a narrative adventure game that attempts to capture and recreate those golden memories of a more innocent age.

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Game Summary

The Kids We Were is an award-winning adventure game originally released worldwide for smartphones in February, 2020. Selected as one of the top 3 titles at the Google Play Indie Games Festival 2020, it has also won the avex Award, and been chosen for the Best Indies category of Google Play's Best Games of 2020.

To celebrate the release of The Kids We Were on Nintendo Switch, we've added a bunch of brand-new content. If you want the full experience, look no further than this, the Complete Edition!

The Complete Edition includes the full story available in the app, in addition to a new bonus episode set after the events of the main game. There are also brand-new collection items to find!


The Kids We Were is a cinematic adventure game with a heavy focus on narrative. Set in the late Japanese Showa era (the 1980s), it's a nostalgic journey through a unique time in Japan's recent history. Take on the role of Minato, a young boy who sets out on an unexpected and incredible summer adventure.

Our story begins with Minato arriving in the small town of Kagami,
an exceptionally ordinary sort of place in a sleepy suburb of Tokyo.

But there's more to this simple trip than meets the eye.
Minato has a secret objective: he intends to find his missing father,
who is supposedly living somewhere in the area.

Our young sleuth Minato wastes no time getting started,
and soon finds a puzzling clue to his father's whereabouts.
A mysterious notebook left for him with the portentous title "The Seven Mysteries."

With this notebook as his guide, Minato sets out on a long and difficult journey, not through space, but through time.
For his destination is none other than 33 years in the past
—the day his father and mother first met!

Journey through 1980s Japan
Collect retro Japanese knick-knacks

Minato arrives in the past, alone and friendless.
Nevertheless, he plucks up his nerve and sets off to battle against a cruel fate and complete his quest.

Though this adventure is by no means a kind one,
Minato (and you, dear player!) can find time to enjoy and
explore the fascinating world of Japan in the '80s.

Minato soon discovers allies willing to aid him on his path, and together,
these young heroes overcome challenges, solve mysteries,
and slowly uncover a terrible truth.

But looming always over Minato is one question: will he be able to change destiny and save his family?

Think back, if you will, to the days of your youth.
When every dawn brought new discoveries and every day was an adventure.

Can you still recall the faces of dear friends, the joy of the games you played,
and the unforgettable memories you made?

Do you still remember the kids we all were once, long ago?

The Kids We Were
Cinematic Adventure
Nintendo Switch
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